Respect For All

Today more than ever, survivors who identify as LGBTQI often face unique barriers in receiving services when needed. As a result, they sometimes receive less than adequate services or none at all. The goal of the SafeZone Project is to ensure all survivors are served and provided with the same level of appropriate services.

What is the SafeZone Project?

The BRAVO SafeZone Project offers comprehensive curtural competency training and technical assistance to service providers, community organizations, and law enforcement agencies across Ohio to help them better do their jobs.

Through the SafeZone Project, BRAVO seeks to increase safety and resources for survivors of domestic violence, sexual violence, and stalking with the LGBTQI communities by helping participating providers and agencies better understand the nuance and guidelines of serving the LGBTQI communities.

At no or little cost to the participants, BRAVO provides an extensive training curriculum and hands on technical assistance for earning Continuing Education credits (CU) and certification in domestic violence and sexual assualt.

Service providers, organizations, and agencies that complete the two-day training receive SafeZone decals for prominent display.

Who's Invited to Participate?

Community sexual violence organizations

Domestic violence shelters

Victim violence units

Child advocacy centers

Rape crisis centers

Domestic violence shelters

Human resources policy makers

Hospital and emergency room medical staff

Law enforcement agencies

Police academies

Sexual assault agencies

Faith based resources

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