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Bravo HelpLine


Safety Alert

If you are in immediate danger please call 911.

Remember, computer use and the history of a computer can be monitored. It is difficult to clear all footprints from a specific computer. If you feel that information sent or received from the computer you are using could be accessed at a later date, it may be safer for you to call the BRAVO office instead.

Call BRAVO at 614.294.7867
1.866.86 BRAVO (1.866.862.7286)

This web site is intended for informational and reporting purposes only. We cannot guarantee that submitted information will be received or processed immediately.

Thank you for your understanding.
The BRAVO Staff

Report violence/ HelpLine
PO Box 82068
Columbus, Ohio 43202
Columbus, Ohio: 614.294.7867
Cincinnati, Ohio: 513.453.4001
Cleveland, Ohio: 216.370.7361
1.866.86 BRAVO (1 866 862 7286)
BRAVO’s HelpLine is staffed:

Weekdays: 9AM to 5PM
Sunday - Thursday: 6PM to 10PM


What happens when you call BRAVO for assistance:

First, rest assured that all calls are kept strictly confidential. And can be made anonymously.

We will guide you through a simple process of information gathering about the incident, and about yourself.

There are no requirements. You are allowed to share the level of information that is comfortable for you. You may even choose to report anonymously.

BRAVO will help you explore your options and potential courses of action as well as assist in developing a safety plan.

Keep in mind there is no requirement to make a police report; however, if you choose to make a police report, we can explain the procedure and provide in person support and advocacy throughout the process.

After your initial contact with BRAVO, we will still be there for you. We can assist and accompany you through all steps in the process.

With permission, we will add your report to our compilation of local and national statistics which are released each year. These reports do not contain any identifying information of any survivors, rather they are quantitive statical reports to show the prevalence of violence facing the LGBTQI community. To read previous years reports please go to the reports section of our website.

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that while you may email reports to BRAVO via this link, BRAVO cannot guarantee complete anonymity with emails. That is, although your report will be completely confidential, the sender's email address and/or name will be included. Any future user of a shared or public computer may be able to access sent information. If you have questions or concerns about this process, please feel free to contact the BRAVO office at 614.294.STOP (7867) or 1.866.86 BRAVO.