BRAVO 2018 First Quarter Report

Aaron Eckhardt - Thursday, March 15, 2018

The first quarter of 2018 is coming to an end. In this short time, we have already made a number of significant transitions; the largest being the promotion of our new Interim Executive Director, Aaron Eckhardt, MSW. They have been with BRAVO for 7 years, in the capacity of Training and Technical Assistance Director, and most recently as Associate Director. The institutional knowledge they bring to BRAVO ensures the smooth continuation of programs and services.

In addition, BRAVO has undergone some staff transitions, welcoming two current staff members into new positions, Shinesha Yoder as the Survivor Services Coordinator and Jennifer Eidemiller as the Training and Technical Assistance Coordinator. Finally, we welcome Ashton Kimbler onto our staff as the Outreach and Safety Program Assistant.

Our staffing changes are just the tip of the iceberg though. BRAVO has undergone a critical assessment of our services, and as a result we are launching a series of new initiatives:

  • In April, BRAVO will publish its first annual Community Benefit Report in over 8 years. We understand our stakeholders need for transparency, and we commit to providing these reports on an annual basis. Once published, it will be available on the website, and electronically or in print upon request.
  • On April 16th, BRAVO will relaunch the LGBTQ Survivors of Violence support group. This is the first support group BRAVO has had in nearly 4 years. The group provides a safe space for LGBTQ survivors of violence to connect with one another, and work toward living vibrant, healthy, fully engaged lives.
  • In May, BRAVO will begin rolling out a redesign of our Victim Services programs:
    • Transitioning from current Information and Referral Services into a Comprehensive Case Management Model. We want our clients to be supported throughout the duration of their healing process.
    • The launch of a centralized Web-based intake system, which will streamline and decrease response times.
    • A one-touch web-based violence reporting function
    • A BRAVO app to document incidents in real time with a safe means to contact BRAVO
    • Expanding services in rural communities
  • In June, we will launch a strength-based volunteer recruitment program. BRAVO will begin actively recruiting volunteers and matching them with areas of expertise and interest. These placements will provide a greater, long-lasting and gratifying experience for volunteers.
  • In July, BRAVO will begin rolling out the redesign of the BRAVO Training and Technical Assistance programs:
    • An increase in the number of trainings performed in rural Ohio communities
    • Expand the types of trainings provided.
    • Launch of web-based training portals, which will provide recipient organizations access to supplemental training materials on an on-going basis.
    • An option of web-based training facilitation
  • In October, BRAVO will begin rolling out an expansion of Youth Services. The details of these services are still being solidified, but please continue to stay in touch with us and keep tabs on how we've grown!

BRAVO has had an active first quarter in 2018. We are confident that our growth will continue, and we appreciate the support, feedback, and patience from our community as we grow into an organization that will make you proud! Please follow our work and engage with us on social media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BRAVOAVP
Twitter: @BRAVOAPV
Instagram: @BRAVOAVP

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