GWCD 2017 Dinner Host

Wayne Henry & Shawn Dingus

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner 2018

Save the Date: Saturday, May 19, 2018

Tamera bryant


Tamera Bryant (aka Ms. Texas, Little T, Sugar Tam, and Slewfoot) is an award-winning writer, editor, educator, activist, outdoor enthusiast, and cowgirl. Her writing includes fiction, nonfiction, and poetry for children and adults. She is also a photographer, actor, and budding singer. She’s a U.S. Navy veteran and has volunteered with such organizations as Children of the Future and the Sierra Club. She’s on the Children’s Education Committee at Thurber House and on the board of Girlz Rhythm ‘n’ Rock Camp. Ask her where she gets her endless supply of energy and creativity, and she will tell you it’s because she’s 9 years old!

Tamera lives in Olde Towne East in her 1899 Victorian home that she has poured more than 16 years of blood, sweat, and bruises into, restoring it to its original glory. Her house was featured in the Olde Towne East Tour of Historic Homes in 2014. Both she and her house are still works in progress, and you will be charmed with the wit, whimsy, and sense of fun that will be on full display. Leave your stuffed shirt at the door, kick your shoes off, and enjoy a true Texas pit barbeque. Tamera is fixin’ to show y’all how to do it up right!



Pit-Smoked Texas Barbeque


A Variety of Salsas / White Corn Tortilla Chips / Guacamole
Bacon-wrapped Jalapeños
Spiced Pecans


Sangria (red and white)
Shiner Beer
Iced Tea

Main Course

Pit-smoked Beef Brisket
Pinto Beans
Spicy Collard Greens
Potato Salad
Corn Bread
Garnishes of homemade pickles and sliced onions, peppers, and radishes


Mexican Coffee
Sopapillas and Honey
Hand-cranked Ice Cream