GWCD 2017 Dinner Host

Kevin Wood & Scott Eitel

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner 2018

Save the Date: Saturday, May 19, 2018

mary b relotto and caludia turro

Mary B. and Claudia, aka “the Bellas”, have been together for 8 years and reside in Clintonville.

Mary B. is the founder of Dames Bond, a business community for women, nationally recognized by Forbes, ForbesWoman and U.S. News and World Report as a great resource for women business owners. She is also the principal at Mission Possible Consulting Group where she helps artisans turn their craft into thriving businesses.

Claudia is the first female Vice Chair for the Department of Chemistry and Bio Chemistry at The Ohio State University. She is an award winning scientist and has garnered international and national attention for her research in Inorganic Photochemistry, Excited State Processes, Control of Charge Separation and Recombination, and Solar Energy Conversion.

Together, they are going to take you to Argentina, Claudia’s birth place, where you will enjoy a traditional Asado. It is a term used both for a range of barbecue techniques and the social event of having or attending a barbecue. But an Asado is nothing like the traditional American barbecue. Whatever is on the grill isn’t marinated or dry rubbed. The only preparation is the application of salt before grilling. Claudia will be the Asador for the evening.



Empanadas and olive / cheese assortment


Mary B.'s House Made Dressing over Arugula, tomatos, red onion and Manchego


Mixed Grill of Skirt Steak, Ribs, Jumbo Prawns, Chorizo Sausage
Tomato braised quinoa and Peruvian purple mashed potatos


Pizzelles and raspberry / dark chocolate gelato


A variety of adult and NA beverages will be available