Sexual Violence

Sexual Violence

Sexual Violence. Out of darkness - into the light.

Among numerous other emotions, survivors of sexual violence may feel shame, depression, anger, powerlessness, and denial. While survivors may feel that they were the cause of the situation - this is not true - sexual violence is never the survivors fault. There is no "normal" emotional response to being attacked, and no survivor is responsible for the violence they endured.

Survivors may not want to come out in order to receive medical care, legal follow-up, or emotional support. It is always the survivors choice to disclose details regarding identity and all survivors deserve equal access to services in a supportive and affirming environment, regardless of whether or not they come out.  Only you know what will make you feel safest as you work through the after-effects of being sexually assaulted. BRAVO can connect you to agencies and people who can provide non-biased, non-homophobic, non-transphobic support and services.

Survivors may question their sexual orientation and/or gender identity after being sexually assaulted. We must remember that sexual violence is about violence, power and control. It is not about sex. It does not define who you are. Sexual violence cannot determine anyones self-identity, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.  

In Ohio, all survivors of sexual violence have a legal right to hold perpetrators accountable for their actions. For support or more information contact BRAVO. 

has your partner(s) or someone else:
  • Touched you against your will?
  • Coerced, threatened, or pressured you into sexual contact you did not want?
  • Disrespected your safe words?
  • Posted nude photos/videos of you without your consent?
  • Forced you to recount past sexual experiences?


You are Not Alone
If you have been sexually assaulted
  • CALL SOMEONE YOU TRUST - Such as a friend, family member, or 911 (if safe to do so).
  • SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION - Primarily to ensure your well-being. You may also choose to  to have forensic evidence collected, this is your choice. If you choose to seek medical care, you are NOT required to have a forensic exam. If you wish to have a forensic exam for the purposes evidence collection please note: It is recommended to not shower, bathe, douche, brush teeth, use the bathroom, smoke, eat, drink, or change your clothes before going to the hospital. If you must change, bring the clothes you were wearing at the time of the assault with you to the hospital.
  • GIVE YOURSELF TIME TO HEAL - You are a survivor and what happened was not your fault. Recovering from sexual violence is a process; consider reaching out for assistance, it is a process and we are here to help.
  • CALL BRAVO - For support and assitance.